The Happy

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

I am a happy-go-lucky kinda girl, with a good amount of realism thrown in there. My mom’s nickname for me has always been her “sunshine”. I try to be a positive influence in all that I do, little acts of kindness make a huge difference. And my family and friends are the center of my world!

Mom, Madison (little sis) & Me

Another major happy is the boyfriend. We’ve been together since December 2010, and are currently rocking the long distance thing. I love having him as my adventure partner and friend, and so much more!

The Healthy

I love food. Few things make me happier than creating something delicious in the kitchen. However, at college and sans apartment, this is a bit difficult. But I am not one to turn down a challenge (seriously, ask anyone who has played Sorry with me!), and have since learned how to create delicious, healthy meals with a little creativity and microwaving!

Tofu & Veggies

I love trying new, weird, healthy foods- thank you mom for teaching me to love fruits and veggies and Trader Joe’s for giving selling me endless new foods! When I was two years old, we were at Denny’s and the waitress asked me what I wanted, I said “I need a brocolli!”. Two decades later and it is still my favorite vegetable!

VeggieGirl on the right, favorite cousin on the left!

For some not-so-healthy, but so-delicious, I love creating cakes. Fondant is so fun! But, I rarely have an occasion to make them. This is my favorite, I made it for my little sister’s red, white & black Sweet 16.

& The Me

I am a California girl through and through- I was raised near Palm Springs, but now I (finally!) live by the beach. I’m studying at UC Santa Barbara and absolutely love it! I’m a Kappa Alpha Theta, and I love living with all of my sisters. Best friends & the beach? Doesn’t get better than that!

After I graduate in Fall 2011, I plan on getting my teaching credential so that I can teach high school English. I am very excited for this coming year and all that it has in store for me!


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